ISG TechXchange: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Everybody knows there is unprecedented change happening in financial services. Everybody also knows the current wave of transformation is being underpinned by technology with the ultimate goals of fending off fierce competition from all quarters, and enriching customer experience. Each financial institution hopes this will lead to better outcomes for them and for their customers. But hope is not a strategy. 

How can you develop a strategy that is both real and actionable? 
ISG’s research shows that the most successful financial institutions are those who harness the power of the “Transformation Triangle” – the axis between employees, customers and partners

Discover the evolving ways to keep employees, customers and partners digitally engaged to drive acquisitionretention and expansion.

Register today for the TechXchange: Banking, Financial Services and Insurance to join ISG experts and industry thought leaders as they dive into each element of the Transformation Triangle. Learn from those who’ve seen incredible results, discover the secrets of their success, and implement winning strategies at your own organization. 

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