GSE Services Support Topical Report for using Data Validation and Reconciliation for Measurement Uncertainty Recapture

In July 2023, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) released the final safety evaluation of the Topical Report submitted for applying DVR to MUR uprates. DVR is the new elite standard for optimizing plant performance in the nuclear power industry and can now be used to implement uprates of up to approximately 1.4%.

“GSE has been a pioneer in successfully implementing the DVR process both in the US and international nuclear power market and expanding the use of DVR for increasing plant generation for optimal utilization,” said Damian DeLongchamp, Vice President, GSE Programs & Performance. “Our customers benefit from these advanced services that equate to a large increase in revenue for their plants, upward of millions of dollars, all accomplished with potentially no additional instrumentation required.”

GSE’s Engineering, Programs & Performance group (formerly True North Consulting) uses Belsim’s VALI modeling software to pull the plant data from a historian, perform the reconciliation calculations, and output a reconciled data set representing the process’s most probable true state. Then, the GSE team uses data analytics to monitor, troubleshoot, and make operational improvements that increase plant output and ensure efficient and safe operations, providing significant economic benefits to the utility.

The cost of the DVR service is approximately $0.4-0.5 million per unit, with approximately half the plants in the US having performed an MUR.

Proven by more than 50 years of experience in the nuclear power industry, GSE knows what it takes to help customers deliver carbon-free electricity safely and reliably. Today, GSE Solutions leverages top talent, expertise, and technology to help energy facilities achieve next-level power plant performance. GSE’s advanced Engineering and Workforce Solutions divisions offer highly specialized training, engineering design, program compliance, simulation, and technical staffing that reduce risk and optimize plant operations. GSE delivers operational excellence with over 1,100 installations and hundreds of customers in over 50 countries.

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